How Can Technology Help Your Students Learn?

Finding ways to effectively implement technology in classroom!

Technology is not just for Twitter and Facebook!


Are you having trouble engaging your students to actively participate in classroom discussion? Do you find that your material is outdated and your students are struggling to stay focused? The answer to your problems could be solved with one simple yet advanced solution. TECHNOLOGY.

The problem that most educators seem to have is the negative connotations that derive from technology. For example, teachers might feel like students will become more easily distracted with a tablet during class and venture off course. There are many solutions to this problem, and better yet, more positive outcomes than negative!

Statistics based on an ISTE 2013 survey.

Types of Technology You Can Use in the Classroom:

1. Tablets/iPads

2. Computers/Laptops

3. Projector/Interactive Whiteboards or SMART Boards

4. eBooks/Kindle Fires

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Technology in Education

Educational Applications and Websites

The ClassDojo application has very strong social media vibes. This app lets students have their own personal profile that showcases their progress and behavior throughout the school year. Teachers can easily reward and recognize students' behavioral manners and accomplishments in the classroom on a daily basis, keeping parents up to date on their children during the school day. This app will be used in my classroom to reinforce and establish an atmosphere where my students will constantly know their progress throughout the year. This will provide positive and critical feedback to the student and also their parents.

ScreenChomp is the user friendly program that provides the students or instructors to create "how-to" videos about certain lessons that we may cover in class. These app works best on iPads or tablets, which will be available in the classroom. Think of ScreenChomp as one big interactive whiteboard, where students and teachers can share ideas and problems that are relevant to each lesson! I will use this app to more easily and interactively explain problems and questions in my class that require a little extra teaching.

Remind 101 is a text message based application provides a safe yet fast and easy way to communicate with parents and students. Remind 101 lets instructors send texts to parents or students reminding them of certain dates or reminders relevant to the class. There is no need to give out personal phone numbers for this app to work. It is a free application that is more comfortably used and downloaded on a SmartPhone. I will use this application to remind students about certain due dates and test dates, projects, homework assignments, and reminders.

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