Aliya Aguon October PE PROJECT

Option #2 - 4 Points

Option #4 - 1 Point
I went to the Mountain Bay Trail and got pictures on two bridges.

Option #5 - 2 Points
I went to the letter box in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot

Option #6 - 2 Points
I went to the Meadowbrook Park, and there are a lot go activities you can do. One, you can play on the playground and run around. Second, you can go on the swings and get you legs moving. Lastly you can play hopscotch and jump around!

Option #8 - 1 Point
For a back yard game you can play tag! If you are it you can run around and chase people! And if you tag them, they become it and have to chase people! And it goes on and on!

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