This disease came from west Africa and it spread from place to place. People would get on planes and travel to places and spread Ebola. Ebola is world wide disease that can spread in just cough.

    This gives the country a bad name,and they will lose a lot of their population. people will not come and visit the country anymore cause they would be scared to get Ebola. It might be labeled as the worst county ever.They might never sell food again just people afraid of getting Ebola.

    This was a world wide outbreak,every one in the world could have got Ebola. where people seen people from and went to west Africa it traveled and some people had no clue they had Ebola. over 1,000 people just from Africa died from Ebola.

Any body poor or rich could get Ebola but poor people are the most ones to get it. Poor people do not have the money to get treatment. Most of the times they don't even have doctors in the countries. It is not hard at all to catch Ebola all you have to do is simple cough on someone and that can effect thousands of people.

     people that are in bad health or get sick easy can catch it so fast. You can be old or a child their is no age limit on when you catch it. It can spread from animals or people it can spread through food. Ebola started way back then and no body worried  about it and they brought it back out about to 2 years ago.

  This affected the government cause people were worried about it not being safe enough. Some people even said the government was lying and trying to effect us with Ebola. You can not be safe enough so you need to start covering your mouth when you cough. If you see someone that is sick you need to stay away from they,so you dont have to risk getting Ebola.