Frederick Douglass Ch. X
Lit Circles

Frederick Douglass Literature Circle Presentation Chapter X

Your group is responsible for presenting one section of Chapter X of The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Each person will take one job as listed below.  Your Keynote presentation should be divided into the following categories:

Summary: Briefly summarize the important points in your section.

Literary Illumination: Identify three important or interesting passages in the book. Explain why your group chose these passages. Make a slide for each passage that includes the quote (with citation) and a paraphrase, including context.

Douglass’s Voice: What is going through his mind? What is his motivation? Find specific examples, and provide context. In other words, give some background information.

Vocabulary: Present five difficult words with their definition to the class. Give the page number and quote the sentence from the book. Find the definition. If you don’t understand the definition, look up the words in the definition until you can put it in your own words, or raise your hand for help. Use the words in a sentence of your own that shows you understand it. Include any roots, prefixes or suffixes you recognize. Make a slide for each word.

Illustration: Provide a visual representation for at least three of the events in your section. These can match up with the passages from the Literary Illumination or Vocabulary, but they don’t have to. You can use images from the web, or you can use a drawing app to create your own. Include a caption for each illustration.

The first slide in the presentation must include these three things:

  1. the title of this assignment (Frederick Douglass Ch. X),
  2. the page section you are assigned*,
  3. the names of all group members.

Everyone in the group will have a speaking part in your presentation. All must fully participate in the preparations. Students who don’t take part will be removed from their group and will not receive points for this assignment. The project is worth 50 points.

*Use the button on the Tackk blog to access page break information in the iBook format.