How to pass through Airport scanners Stress free

I don't know about you but the simplest of things throw me off into panic when I am catching an aeroplane. The main culprit is the body scanners that you have to pass through before you can get on the plane. It’s due to get even worse in England with the introduction of state of the art full body scanners at every airport. These scanners will show everything, they allegedly make you look naked. I for one will be even more nervous, who wants to appear naked to strangers especially the ladies who work with goods detector.

My personal horror is those little trays you have to put all your loose change into. It's not only change though is it? Now it's your change, wallet, keys, belt and your shoes. When you have finally rummaged through every pocket for loose change. You place it all in one of those awful trays. Once you have taken off your shoes and belt and carefully placed them on top of your loose change.More on Cargo inspection. You are now ready to pass through your personal gates of hell.

I have my own personal mantra. “Don’t set off the alarm, don't set off the alarm, don't set off the alarm." But just as I pass through the scanner I look at my wrist and there it is, the forgotten watch. All hell breaks loose, alarms go off, you’re pushed to the side and people you never even noticed move in on you. All of a sudden you are public enemy number one. All because you never put your watch in the tray provided,

Using the clear plastic food bag to put all your bits and bobs into can prevent all that bother at the scanners, by following my simple advice you can be hundred percent certain you are good to go, no surprises. Because when you pass through the scanner you know you have emptied everything into your plastic food bag and you have checked it and double checked it. More on baggage x ray machine. You are safe to face the dreaded scanner. Even if they do a spot check on you, your tray is now on the conveyor belt waiting for you to pick it all up in one easy go. No more fumbling about trying to pick up all your loose change while you are still in a panic about being stopped and searched, no more getting in the way of people who were more prepared than you were. You now just let them re checked you with the hand held wand scanner. No more pointing at your wristwatch claiming you have left it on by mistake, it never does you any good because that's what a guilty person would try. All you have to do from now on is use the plastic food bag technique and you will be more in control at the scanner terminal than you have ever been. Just breeze through and pick up the contents of your tray then go and get get another cup of coffee.

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