Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Moeez and my name is Abeer. We are business men from Tokyo, Japan. The company we have created over the last 3 years is named Hakoya which is a partnership. Today we are here to present a game changing proposal. My partner Moeez Saleem and I are here looking for capital venture to invest in our potentially lucrative car company that will produce car named the pearl. But not just any car a solar powered car that will also run on gasoline. This will be the first car available for under $40,000 to consumers which will be solar powered. We have invested $1,000,000 which of $500,000 is from our own personal savings, and the other 500, 000 is a loan from the bank of Japan. We use this money with a design process, trade marking the name, and creating a concept/prototype. We are looking for $5,000,000 capital venture for 20% of our company to use for . With the money, we will open an assembly line on the outskirts of Japan to mass produce our revolutionary vehicle, as well as for marketing fees. For the chaises of the car, we have signed a contract with Nissan, for them to allow us to use the 350z model as our new car the Hakoya pearl for 4% of all sales. The car will cost us $25,000 to manufacture and the market price will be $32,000. With Japan’s major trading partners being U.S, China, Canada, we are hoping to go ship our cars internationally. We are in the process of constructing a website which you can order our car off and have it shipped to your location internationally.

                     OUR PRODUCT

  1. Captures solar energy while driving or parked
  2. Once solar energy runs low engine automatically switches to gasoline consumption
  3. You can switch from gasoline mode to solar mode while driving
  4. up to 350 km on a full solar energy charge alone
  5. with a full tank of gas as well as a full solar energy charge up to 1000 km can be achieved, more than any other car in the market
  6. Although the pearl also runs on gasoline it gives off very low emissions while being fuel efficient, making it environmentally friendly


  • 2.4 gasoline enjoy
  • Achieves up to 350 km on stored solar energy alone
  • Achieves up to 900 km on solar and gasoline consumption combined
  • 4 cylinder engine
  • All-wheel drive
  • 4 wheel steering
  • 250 horse power
  • O-100 km/h in 5.5 seconds
  • Customized colors


  • v Basic model- Bronze- $31,999- includes cloth seats, 17” rims, 2.4L engine, manual transmission, power windows, 4 cylinder
  • v Silver- $36,499- includes cloth seats, 17” rims, 2.4L engine, automatic transmission, power windows, 4 cylinder
  • v Gold- $41,499- includes leather seats, 18” rims, 2.4L engine, automatic transmission, 4 cylinder, rear-view camera, sunroof, Bluetooth connectivity, leather wrapped steering wheel, AWD, navigation system, push button start, fog lights
  • v Diamond- $49,999- red/black leather seats,19’’ rims, full body kit, 3.2L engine, 350 horse power, lowered, performance exhaust

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