The Tablet

iPads, Andriod, and Microsoft

What is it?

A tablet is a portable device that works like, and functions like a laptop. Tablets have touch screens to enable a person to navigate through apps, music, movies, internet, and much more. External devices such as bluetooth, keyboards, mice, and external hard drives can be added to enhance the productivity of the tablet device. All tablets connect through a wireless network, while some can connect through the wireless network and cellphone networks provided by wireless phone providers.

How can it be used in the classroom?

Tablets can be used in a variety of ways across all grades and abilities. In a K-3 classroom, as an example, a tablet can be used during station time to enhance a students learning while giving them the chance to play educational games like they would on their leisure time. ELL students can use tablets as a method to learn and develop their vocabulary. Like ELL, students with sever disabilities can also use tablets to increase their vocabulary, use as an electronic talker, and also use educational apps to aid in learning. Higher grades can use tablets to enhance their learning by using apps that are directed towards Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, etc.