Important empires

map of the Empire

the Gupta

    The Gupta Empire was formed around
319AD and ended around 467 AD. The Gupta empire was built in the same area as
the Marian empire in India. The Gupta made their main contributions in the
field of math. They created the decimal system which made math more accurate.
They also created the concept of zero or a number to express nothing. They also
created Arabic numerals which is the number system we still use today. the Gupta empire is known as the golden age of India because there was peace prosperity and progress.  During this time the first universities were formed with in the Gupta empire. The founder of the Gupta was Maharajadirja or Chandragupta (real name). The Gupta also estimated the value of pi. They were also the ones who figuered out that the earth was  round instead of flat. Along with concept of zero the Gupta also came up with the concept of infinity or a symbol to represent an infinate amount. The Gupta also started creating horoscopes from the stars. The Gupta had five rulers during their reign


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