Joey Pigza swallowed the key

By: Jessica

I am currently reading the book Joey Pigza Swallowd a key. This book is about a boy Who's dad runs away when he is in kintergarden. So now joey lives with his Grandmother. One night some one rings the door bell who is it joey says  its his mom that he has not seen in a long time.Joey was very shy at first because he dose not even know it is his mom until his mom tells him. he hid behind his grandma. Joeys mom lived with Joey and his grandmother. Joey is not a fan of the rules changing. Joeys mom says no more of what you used to do know you are going to do what I say. Joey is very annoyed with is grandmother because his grandmother Joey says was born really weird  and Joeys  dad. Joey has not been talking to Joeys grandmother because  he is really annoyed with her. So grandmother says " if Joey dose not like me her I will run away". Joeys grandma runs away and Joey says wait I forgive you I am so sorry please com back. So Grandmother eventually comes back and lives with Joey. Joey is so happy that his mom is living with with him because his mom always stands up for Joey.

I think this book is really good so far. I have learned a lot of things. I like this book because It is really interesting because I like happy stores like when Joey finally gets to see his mom and so many new things are happening in the house. I am so excited to find out next what is going to happen.

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3 years ago

Nice job, Jessie. We'll talk about how to shorten your summary. We really only need a few basic pieces of information and the rest of the time you can focus on what you think of the book. For example, I'd like to hear more about what you have learned from the book, what makes the book good, and what you find interesting so far. I'm so glad you are enjoying it!