john fizgarld kennedy

by: brandon bromley


Is your faverit prasodent j.f.k? well your in luck. this book is all about j.f.k. :>

years 1-10

John fitzgerald kennedy was the 35th president of the united states.John was born in massachusetts on may 29,1917. He had 8 brothers and sisters. His family and friends called him jack.

early life

during world war 2 he was the leader of a boat crew in the u.s. navy.He saved the lives of some crew members. In 1953 john married jacqueline bouvir.

life's work

Starting in 1952 john was elected to the u.s. congress five times!!! In 1960 john was elected u.s. president.

last years

on november 22, 1963 john and his wife were riding in a parade in dallas, texas. he was shot and killed. he was the youngest president to die in office.


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