There are certain things we all grow up and see that right away tell us it is related to science; symbols that have conditioned us into thinking science when we see them. When a kid sees a person in a lab coat and goggles, they usual associate that person as being a scientist. One thing that i believe everyone has seen while growing up is a picture of someone looking through a microscope in a science book. Scopes are a huge symbol to science and as such, i want to write about how Galileo created his own version of the telescope, one of the most exciting creations in science at that time.

Once i decide to write about the telescope i will avoid going into detail the controversy behind the claims of who really created the telescope. For a children's book, i believe that detail is irrelevant. Most people believe Galileo created the telescope and that belief is okay. There is no point of introducing controversy to children. My way of telling the story will be positive and curious, as a children's book should be.