What were the methods used to murder the Jewish people?

During the Holocaust there were 3 different methods of exterminating the Jewish race. The first was mass shootings where they were forced to dig their own graves and then executed by gun fire. The second type of extermination was gassing trucks. This was the processes by which the Jews were put in a hermetically sealed truck which was attached to the exhaust pipe of a car. Finally they were put in gas chambers which was the same process as gassing trucks without the trucks.

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This video below shows the Jewish people being brought to the gas chambers. They were told to remove their clothes because they were going to take showers. In the rooms were dummy shower heads which where actually vents. They used cyanide powder which was sprayed from these vents to create the smoke. This was how the gas chambers where used.

Slide 4-Bosnian Genocide  

The Bosnian genocide that began in 1992 was very similar to the Holocaust. They are similar because the Bosnians and the Jews were both very close to extermination. The Bosnians lost over 80 percent of their population which was about 100,000 people and the Jews lost about 6 million. This happened to Bosnia  because they declared their separation from Yugoslavia. Sadly there was no justified reason for the Holocaust except pure hatred.         

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