Tackk Board Project~Zain Akbar

Dowswell, Paul. The Causes of World War II. Chicago: Heinemann Library, 2003. Print.

5 Definitions, 3 Facts, and One Personal Connection.

Fascism: Political philosophy that glorifies power, military might, and nationalism and that is opposed to communism and democracy.

Nationalist: Someone who wants his or her country to be independent of its colonial masters. This term can also refer to someone who unreasonably puts the interests of his or her country before all other countries.

Empire: Collection of colonies.

Dictatorship: Political situation where one person has absolute power to rule a country.

Anarchy: Condition in a country when there is no government or law and order. An Anarchist is a person who believes in doing away with government.

Fact 1: The main reason WW2 happened was because of WW1.

Fact 2: Hitler tried to gain power back in the 1920's, but he failed and ended up in Jail.

Fact 3: WW2 started when Germany invaded Poland.

Personal Connection: My sister and I had a little WW2 in our house.

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