Advertising Banners – Understanding The Different Types Available

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Which business enterprise can you see surviving without the aid of effective marketing? Look closely.. you will see that each and every organisation, from the smallest of shops and grocery stores to the largest of businesses uses advertising in some form or the other. Getting the attention of potential customers is an ever present function for the management of any enterprise, no matter what industry it is working in. Advertising is important and you really cannot hope to flourish in your business without it.

People transform the function of advertising in many ways. Some take to popular media like television and radio channels to get the word out about their brand. Some think about tapping into the online customer base with full scale online marketing strategies to generate effective sales numbers. And some take up the traditional approach and organise trade shows and put up advertisement banners to attract customers.

I am sure with the current high tech generation; you might already have found many resources about online marketing strategies. But I plan to touch base with the more conventional marketing mediums – the advertising banners.

Banners are basically a display accessory used to bring your brand and product information in front of customers. These banners are available in different sizes, types and come with different features to help showcase your marketing message in the most effective manner in front of audiences. Each type is suitable for a particular purpose and serves a specific set of considerations that an advertiser might have in his/her mind regarding the campaign objectives and audiences. Let us look closely at the different types of advertisement banners available in the market and how they can prove to be useful for you.

Roll up banners

Also known as retractable banners, these marketing accessories are the most popular in the market. They allow for a much more easy to handle and compact to carry design which makes them perfect for use in advertisement campaigns that will not remain stationery at one place. Roll up banners come with a spring mechanism that is used to pull out the banner and set it up for display. The display area however, is narrower but you can still enjoy faster changing of the banner from the stand.

Pop Up banners

Pop up displays are very popular in use of trade show fair and brand exhibition. They are great attention grabbers and can truly showcase your brand in the midst of a large crowd of competitors. They offer a much larger display area and are flexible in shape. The unfolding and building time however, is longer for this variety as compared to the roll up banners.

X and L banner stands

These are another commonly used display banner variety. They are famous for its supportive stand which comes in X and L shape. They are seen at places like hospitals, museums, restaurants and shopping malls where you want to get attention of visitors or any hot selling products.

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