A  Beaver's Life

Did you know that beavers are like people? Just like us they have  cousins too. You will learn more about this fact and others when you keep reading A Beaver's Life.

                       Beaver Dams
When winter comes they store food under water to keep it fresh.They use tunnels to get the food to eat. After beavers are finished building the dam they start building a home.


This is a beavers' dam and how it looks like inside.

                   Beavers' Relatives.
Beavers are rodents. Deer mice ,gray squirrels and porcupine are beavers' cousins. Beavers belong to a group called mammals.

                       Beavers' Features  
The tail helps the beavers' in many ways.When danger is near the beavers' flap there tail to warn other beavers'.

This tail is very useful for the beavers.


Beaver's make dams so they don't have to go far from the water. On one side is the beaver's pond and on the other side is the old stream. Beaver's are cool, amazing creatures that can cut down trees with their powerful incissors.

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