Hannah Magraw
Due: 2/6


adjective. not in agreement with accepted beliefs; holding unorthodox opinions

root: doxa, opinion or judgment

The main character in He Who Would Swallow God was very heterodox, the only scientist at the university who believed it was possible to overcome death with a machine.


noun. a person who believes nothing can be known about the existence of a god

root: gignoskein, to know

My brother is an agnostic, believing we have no proof or knowledge for God's existence and refusing to attend church with our family now.


noun. a standard, rule, or test on which a decision or judgment can be made

root: kirinein, to separate or to judge or to decide

I'm sorry, you lack all the necessary background and experience to fulfill the criteria of this job.


noun. a general pardon for offenders, especially with political offenses

root: mnemonikos, mindful

The General was granted an amnesty, pardoned from his offenses, although, he committed treason.


adjective. frantic; frenzied

root: phren or phrenos, heart or mind or midriff

I was frenetic last week, crazily rushing around the place in an absolute panic trying to get everything done.


verb. to provide a rational basis for something, often by false or self-serving reasoning

root: ratio, reason

The pretty little liars rationalized their actions and lies as attempts to protect those they really loved from A.

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