Up-Market Countertops

Atmosphere and beauty of a kitchen depend on many things, but sometimes it is enough to install or replace a countertop, and productivity of kitchen increases. First of all you have to choose the material it is made of, and it should be presentable and functional.

Here is a short overview for you to help in your choice.

Granite. This natural material differs from other with its strong characteristics. It has its own natural shading. Granite is considered to be one of the most solid and durable stones. It is resistant to scratches, stains and high and low temperatures. The major cons are prices. Actually, the price depends on color and treatment. But if you have a granite countertop at home and you want to sell your house, you may sell it for a higher price.


Some people call them cement countertops, but on Concrete Countertop website they are presented as concrete countertops. As a rule, there are two types suggested: poured and framed, and ready-made. If your design is individual, then manufacturers will do framing and pouring right in the place. Ready-made countertops are easy to install. The most important characteristic of a concrete countertop is its durability. Even if you ask it to be lighter.


Metamorphic rocks of crystallized carbon – this is a marble countertop. Streams of minerals, called “veining”, may be observed in the marble. Colors of marble are not so various, and include brown, black, white and grey. Resistant to heat and water, that’s why it is perfect to be installed near cooktops and stock.

Tile. Porcelain, glass or ceramic countertops. Various styles, different colors, size and shapes. Why is it popular? Well, if you have damaged places you don’t have to replace the whole countertop. Just replace that damaged tile with another one.

These are just four materials we have talked over. But it’s up to your choice, which one you choose.