Vacation Canada

By Jared Carda and Connor Tracy

Canada offers a multicultural environment, inviting you to experience a diverse setting including different foods and customs. Some of the many available cultures in Canada include British, French, refugees from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia that can share their experiences with you.  Canada's government invites you to experience a constitutional monarchy under their legislature of Parliament. This kind of government runs under the prime minister, Stephen Harper, who runs the executive branch within the legislature.

The forests of Canada are a key part of their industry. The timber industry is particularly important to the providence of British Columbia. Because of the vast forests, their main exports going out to other countries are  wood and paper products. The other industries that Canada has are mining for gold, silver, copper, and other metals, farming, fishing, and grains. Farmers grow and sell potatoes and raise cattle.

Another unique trait of Canada is that most residences are bilingual. So, when you're looking for a good place to eat, don't worry that nobody will understand what you're saying. Some languages that Canadians speak include French and English.

Canada has a lot of things to do to keep you entertained. Canada also welcomes any one with open arms, and will make you feel like you belong.

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