Apps for High School

Apps that are helpful in a older learning envirnoment.


The Edmodo app would allow for students to access their class from their mobile device. There would be no need for a classroom, a laptop, or even a wifi signal necessarily. This means big things for learning on the go, anywhere a student is and anytime.


Evernote allows a fun and easy way for students to manage notes. It is organized and easy to use, which effectively gets rid of the excuse of lost notes. The app is good for iPhone's and iPad's, and in the unlikely event that both of these devices crash, it can also be accessed through the internet at Students can add images and audio recordings to their notes, creating a more in-depth understand of what is happening in the classroom. I personally use this app for all of my notes and love how organized it has made my post-secondary experience.


Flashcards+ lets students take their studying anywhere, to be done at anytime. This reduces the ability for a student to say they "didn't have time to study." Almost every student has at least one mobile device, if not more. It is a free and easy to use app, and is something I would definitely recommend that my students use.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online school, in the simplest of terms. There is an array of subjects that students can learn while in the comfort of their own homes or on their mobile device. Khan has learning opportunities for all ages, from kindergarten to post-secondary levels.

Mark Calculator

Mark Calculator allows students to keep track of their grades. It also allows them to see what grade they need to get on the final to achieve the grade they want to finish the class with. This cuts down on a teacher's work. Instead of the teacher preparing every students average right before the exam, the students can take this responsibility into their own hands. The app is easy to use and understand, and is also free.


Schoology is an app similar to the setup of Edmodo, only using a different interface. It is really about the teachers preferance. The ability for a teacher to get in contact with their class through their student's mobile devices make the idea of learning outside of the classroom more attainable.

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