My Future Career

Career:Artist (Painter)


How To Become An Artist

You have to go to art school to learn how to paint.Artists can find a tutor to train them how to paint.You can also show your best art work to professors.


The salary of an artist is 49,300.

Job requirements

Artists may paint a portrait. Artist can create a piece of artwork.Artists may do  research on things.Artist may sketch things or they would sketch people.And artists may draw pictures.


The clothing for artists is a white beret. The beret is a soft crowned hat.Also artists wear a smock.A smock is a large shirt that goes over your clothes.

Special Tools

An artist uses paint brushes to paint.And artists also need paint for the paint brushes. Artist can also use a easel to put your paper on.Some artist paint on a canvas a canvas is a board you paint on.

Why I chose this career

I chose this career cause I like to be creative.