Roman empire flexes its muscle

A historical picture of Roman Empire and Carthage.

By: Georgia Eson

The Roman Empire was a force to be reckoned with before its demise. The empire got into this powerful place by conquering many areas, thanks in part to its prime geographical location.

ROME ITALY- Rome started their soon to be empire after the Gallic invasion that happened one week ago. Rome will emerge as a main power to the central part of the Italian Peninsula. In the past few weeks, Rome has been victorious on the battle field against all enemies.

Now over seas, Rome is planning to move in on Carthage in 264 B.C., declaring war on more parts of North Africa of our Second Punic War. Emperor Claudius Caudex Fulvius Flaccus quoted, " We might make them our foes or make them sign our peace treaty." With this decision in the Emperor's hands we aren't sure what Carthage will do.

After the war of Carthage, Rome signed a peace treaty and now we trade food with them, making it easier on us. Or is it? Julius Ceaser wants to start a revolt against Emperor Claudius. The three generals Ocatvion, Ceaser and Maximus, fought all last week. The fighting stopped when Ceaser died in the revolt. Ocatvion took on a tyranny approach making him the ruler for Rome.

Only time will tell what will happen to Rome and how this ruling will all work out. Perhaps, Rome may even fall as a great empire in the future.   

Roman Food  

Picture of men having a exotic feast in ancient Rome.

A Rome guide to food when in the Roman Empire. In Rome you can find many things to choose from. Rome gets their food from transportation in the Mediterranean sea.

ROME ITALY- Fish is one of the main proteins, but there is also chicken and pheasant around in the many carts. Meat is prepared in many ways such as smoking or just boiling with water but that depends on what the social status of a person is.

Wealthy people will mostly have exotic foods in their bigger than life ancient homes. While poorer people will receive meat and fish only on special occasions and will mostly have bread and barley. When men have a gathering and are wealthy they will ask their cooks to buy the most exotic food around the polis they live in. Then they would have a massive feast and would enjoy their evening with wine also. While poor people would have a third of the size of the wealthy man's feast sharing with there family what ever they got from what they could afford. A man named Maximus commented to us, "I feel as if that everyone should be able to have exotic foods whether your rich or poor."

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