David Schabelski

Why Do I Admier Him?

By: Riley Gronbeck

One reason I admire David is because he overcame things people couldn't think he could. An example is how he graduated with honors last year in high school and going to college in Janurary of next year for science technology.

Pictures Of Me And David

Another reason I admire David is because he is determined and motivated to finish and accomplish things that he set his mind to. Examples of that is David joining the army this last spring, and being in traning this whole summer being away from his family and his girlfriend. Another example is staying with school while working on the farm, playing sports, and having a job at the same time.

And another reason why I admire David is because if someone gave up on themselves, he wouldn't give up on the person. An example of that is when I was getting behind in school and not focusing in sports and school. He would stay up late even though he had school in the morning to help me get caught up with school. And then on the weekends he would help me train and go through plays.

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