The Second battle of Ypres

April 22, 1915 - April 23, 1915

7 months ago, those Germans tried to capture Ypres. After one month of fighting, the Germans were pushed back thanks to the British and French soldiers. 7 months later, I see a giant yellowish-green cloud of some type of gas flowing towards us.

1. German gas attack on the Ypres Salient.

I don't know what it is, but I saw many soldiers gasping and struggling for air as if they were drowning. A lot of soldiers were running away from that cloud of gas. Behind the gas cloud, I saw people moving. It was those nasty Germans again trying to capture Ypres for the second time.

2. A British soldier dying from chlorine gas as German troops advance wearing gas masks.

As those Germans were moving towards our city, the Canadian and British soldiers moved towards the advancing Germans to stop them from coming any further. After hours of fighting, the Canadian, British and groups of French and Algerians managed to stop the Germans. It was a moment I could never forget. The Canadians stood their ground and took on the gas attack as well as the German troops . Their courage has saved everyone. Let us pray that this is the end of the war.

3. Canadian troops fighting against the advancing German troops.

April 24, 1915 - May 5, 1915

Those damn Germans decided to try to take our city again! They launched another gas attack at the Canadian troops. Many died but I saw lots of troops putting on goggles as well as urinating on their handkerchiefs and tying them over their noses and mouths. According to some medical officers, the gas is chlorine and urine helps "neutralize" it which makes the gas not be deadly anymore.

4. British troops wearing goggles and wet gauze for protection against the chlorine gas.

The Germans decided to do the same thing they did two days ago. As Canadian troops were suffering from the chlorine gas, the Germans decided to advance and take over their posts. Of course the Canadian soldiers stood their ground and bought enough time for British and French reinforcements to arrive and help. Once again the Canadian troops saved us. Unfortunately, this does not seem like the end though.

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