Engineering towers

Session 1

In this session we got to draw different building structure designed on a peice of paper. We picked our favorite one out of the four designs we drew up.

Session 2

In session we prepared our engineering towers construction page by taping it to the bored with holes in it were we construct our tower build.

session 3

in this session we constructed one side of our tower, we used scissors the cut the wood the right length that we wanted them to be then we glues them together. we also learned about how forces act upon structures.

Session 4

In session 4 we continued to construct the other 2 sides of our towers

Session 5

We learned how towed are used to strengthen other structures.  we continued construction in are panels of are towers

Session 6

We completed the construction of are tower and glued are 3 panels together

Session 7

In this session we assembled all sides of are tower. We also weighed are tower to qualify it for the contest.

Career in the feild

This module can help you a lot if you want to be a tower engineer or any type of engineer. It teaches you about what shaped are the strongest. It also traced you about different kinds of pressed and tension.