The Strike

Written By: Maisha Showell

Curley wants to impress his new wife by showing off his riding skills so he tells crooks to prepare his horse. While riding Curley he falls off the horse and embarrasses himself in front of his wife as well as the ranch hands. He grabs crooks by the collar and leads him into the bunkhouse for a punishment while the others peer into the windows. Curley knew it wasn't crooks fault he fell off the horse. Curley needed to get his anger out. And since Crooks set up his cattle, then he would be the main target to attack.

An hour after Curley takes Crooks to the bunkhouse, Curley  walks out with blood on his shirt and a gash in his forehead. All the peers went from listening from behind the door to ambushing Curley to fill them in with all the goods from the fight.

"Can you just leave me be!" Curley said. Then the crowd asks if crooks was still in the bunkhouse. Assuming their thoughts were correct, they run to the house. Poor Crooks was curled up under one of the bunks rocking front to back apprehensively.

"What's wrong with you?" "What did he do to Crooks?" "Crooks?" said some of the people from the crowd....

  "I hit 'em ! Hit 'em real hard. I didn't want to hit the old guy , but he kept antagonizing me. I beat him real bad! He bled a lot. I slammed him on the table and made the table crack in half! I didn't realize I had that much strength in me." Crooks said with a slight sorrow in his voice. "Then I told him to stay down and leave before he gets himself hurt. But that just made the situation worse. Curley thought I was trying to belittle him or make fun of him. I was just trying to get him to leave. Curley got up and  to tackled me to the ground. He hammered his fist in my ribs about fifty times. Once I had enough I grabbed my apple box that sat next to my head and bashed it into the corner of his forehead right above his eyebrow.  Curley's eyes rolled to the back of his head like I just dropped the handle on the jackpot machine. Except I didn't feel like I won anything. It scared the living daylights out of me. I thought I kill't the poor man. Then his eyes rolled back to normal, he woke. After he fully regained consciousness, Curley gets up and exits the bunkhouse. Then I started thinking... What if this happens again? Will I react the same way? What will I do differently? Then you guys came and here we are now."

The next day rumors went around saying Curley had to go to the hospital because I cracked his skull when I hit him with the apple box. O0ops!

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