EDU210 Module 9

5 Apps For In The Classroom


What am I? I am a free app that let's anyone log on and use me and make a scrapbook of whatever they want. You can put your own pictures into the scrapbook and even write your own thoughts. You can be creative and make whatever you want!

How can students use me? By being able to let your students be creative they could use me in multiple ways. They could use me to make a class presentation, or even to show a storyboard of a written assignment they might be working on. There is so much creativity to be had with this app, you could virtually do anything you would like with it!

2nd Grade Math -

What am I? One of the most amazing FREE math apps you will find for your grade 2 students!!! Within the app there are hundreds of math work sheets based on the units of grade 2 math. The worksheets show up on the top half of your screen and then the bottom half is used for the students to actually write through and answer the problem.

How can students use me? If the school had enough iPads for a class you could easily put this app on each one and have the students work though the worksheets in a math period during school hours. You could even extend the learning to the home for the students by informing the parents of the app and if they have any apple products at home they could download for their kids.

Teach Me Kinder-

What am I? An app designed specifically for the simple skills learnt in a Kindergarten classroom. The app has games aimed at spelling, sight words, rhyming, matching, math and reading sentences. For each activity done correctly, players earn virtual coins that are then able to be spent at the virtual fish store.

How can students use me? If a teacher downloaded this app they could easily get it to play over the smart board in front of an entire class. The students could take turns working through the games and earning coins as a class. This could be a great activity to do during circle time at the beginning of class.

Jungle Time -

What am I? An app designed for the lower elementary levels and helping them learn how to tell time. It has a jungle theme so it helps keep the younger children engaged and having fun. The app will show the child a picture of a clock and then underneath you choose the corresponding time that matches.

How can students use me? The teachers can use this app either with the entire class and have one student go at a time and they can talk about the question and the answer or if they have the resources, the app could be downloaded onto a smart device and each child could work on this app and see how much they know.

Pencil Pal -

What am I? An app designed for grade 1 or grade 2 students to help them work on all subjects that they will be learning. The game is set up to be run like a game show, it has multiple animated animals acting as game show hosts and a bunch of mini games to go through and try to complete.

How can students use me? This app has the same usage as the one described above. The class could either work through the mini games as a team or individually. Students might like this app just because of how interactive it is and when you play it you might not even realize how much you are learning just because of how much fun you are having!

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