grade 9 science



when you put baking soda and vinegar it well blow up  so don't put baking soda and vinegar  if you don't want anything to blow up in you face.

                                                                Lab #2

Ink and a base turns pink when mixes tougher.  Alcohol is using  because something  only dissolve in alcohol and not water.


everything has bacteria on it,  things that people touch have  more bacteria . agar made from seaweed can grow bacteria,bacteria can be different colors,toilet seats have allot of bacteria.


when you put two colors together it will change and make a different color  

started with orange and blue and end up purple

Lab #5

formalin doesn't smell that good

location of lungs,heart intestines, stomach and the liver in a frog

when things die they get stuffed

dissections are injected with latex to show where arteries are.

frogs have abs too

a frogs  skull is very hard.


I think that the salt worked better then sugar because the  did not work and with the salt it grow  the crystals on the rope. the food color did the change the color


I think that I put to much water in my plant and when you put to much water in a plant it drowned

lab #8

when we put some of the stuff in the egg they did not  trued out all the same way

egg white-peroxide- it fizzed

egg white-dish soup - made a bubble

egg white- green works- bubble

egg white-vinger - nothing

egg white- white lines

kitchen cleaner- did nothing

ammonia did nothing  

mr. clean did lings

baking soda - lumpy, don't absorb

lab #9

if you put a egg in vinegar and let it sit for 2-3 day will turn  in the rubberball


when you make a circuit with a battery  it makes the light go on

Scrence  In The  Media

The hand cream has  that it well work right away and it well not make your hand dry.

The Colgate  toothpaste has mfp

M- Maximum

F- Fluoride


The shampoo  prove that it makes your hair  soft

lab #12

when you did it the 1st time it did not work because  we did not wait from to  make bubbles and the 2nd time did it work because I did every thing rigth

lab #13 Elephant Toothpast

To make elephant tooth past you need

hydrogen peroxide


dish soap

warm water

food coloring

and when you mix them tougher the stuff when come to the top and it will go where every.

lab #14

a serics  tureds off all the lights  

and when you  have a  parallet circuit  when you turn off the light olny one will turn off

Lab 15

sugar in pop

The pop that have to most sargar would be the orange pop


when you put milk and vingar together it will make a clumpy . the clumpy are a type of cheese make of protein


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