My Looser Journey

In Order to Win!

By, Jenny

My name is Jenny and I live in Salisbury NC. I have suffered from over weight my whole life. I was in a bikini body once, but then I moved homes, and switched schools. I gained over 30 pounds. I fell into depression, and became insecure, now it's time... To get My body back ! Follow me on my looser journey to loose the weight, and win my health back. We can do this together.

Setting a goal

First we need to know where we are now, and where we want to go. Why do you want to do this? What will you gain out of this. What do YOU want. A bikini Bod? An ok, from the doctor at your 3 month appointment? A feeling of pride. Here we Go !

My goal "You can do yours too"

My now weight : 141

My Goal : 115

My first weigh in :

ok so its been a week maybe, and i weighed myself yesterday before my run, and i now weigh...

138 pounds = 3 pounds lost

Considering that these were the holidays, it's pretty good I guess but I have to go for more, that isn't enough. Time to ditch the soda and see what's going on.

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