NCGP Senior Project

By:TaShonda Brown
How Does Drugs Affect The Brain

My Materials !

I used play dough to make my models of a normal brain and a damaged brain.

This is a picture of the normal brain that show the different parts of the brain that you would see different on the damage brain.

This is the damaged brain of a person who is a drug user of any kind. There is a major different

This is the finishing product of the normal brain and damaged brain


A drug may be helpful or harmful. The effects of drugs can vary depending upon the kind of drug taken, how much is taken, how often it is used, how quickly it gets to the brain, and what other drugs, food, or substances are taken at the same time. Effects can also vary based on the differences in body size, shape, and chemistry.

Most people feel like they need drugs to cope which means they need to use drugs to get through their day. Thats how you get addicted when your using them more than once a day. When you become addicted it has a big impact on your brain you think differently. Most people say it makes them go slower than normal they cant think straight.

Repeated drug use can reset the brain’s pleasure meter, so that without the drug, you feel hopeless and sad. Eventually, everyday fun stuff like spending time with friends or playing basketball doesn't make you happy anymore.Different drugs do different things. But they allaffect the brain that’s why drugs make you feel high, low, speeded up, slowed down, or see things that aren’t there. which means if me and my friend was to do the drug it wouldn't affect us the same way she could get high for five min and mine be ten min but it would affect our brains for a whole lot longer than either of those time periods. Drugs mess with you wiring and signals.


It takes time to recover from addiction not only for the brain to re-adjust but just to make lifestyle changes to avoid drugs. An example would be a person who is trying to lose weight they can lose the weight but until they find lasting changes that will work for them they will just keep gaining it back. It just takes time to get over something you use so much but there Different types of treatments are available to meet your specific needs. When going through with the treatment it does help the brain to go back to what it was before you got addicted to the drug. it helps because it helps the parts of the brain work differently like the brain imaging studies of drug-addicted individuals show changes in areas of the brain that are critical to judgment, decision-making, learning and memory, and behavior control. Together, these changes can drive an abuser to seek out and take drugs compulsively in other words, to become addicted to drugs but when going to get treatment it changes all of that and makes the brain function different so you wont think you have to have the drug your using.

If you know of a friend or anyone that is a drug user you should encourage them to get help because it could cause serious damage to their health and could end in a way that wouldn't be so good.

Thanks For Your Time! Any Questions?

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