Inferences-The act of predicting about an aspect of the current situation (plural). Singular form is inference.


"“Michael, Michael wake up we are under attack!” I yelled trying to wake up my bunk buddy. It was December 7th 1941 and I was awakened by the sound of bombs going off."

An assumption could be - considering the fact that they are attacked by bombs, the date being December 7th of 1941 - the narrator and his friend are sleeping while Pearl Harbor is being ravaged by atomic bombs. We also have to note...Johanna is placed in the Historical Fiction virtual shelf.

Desperate Measures

"Bang! A body drops to the floor in front of me, dead. How many is that, three maybe four?
“I said nobody move!” shouts the robber. He is a middle-aged man, in his forties, with gray hair uncommon for his age. It is severely disheveled, strewn in random patterns on his head and clumped with sweat, so it appears a charcoal color.His facial hair has grown ripe, nearly filling his neck and face. He wears tattered clothing: a flannel jacket with holes over a stained white-shirt. There are patches on his pants and he grips his gun tightly in his hand, as if he were afraid he might lose it. His eyes dart around the room, ready to shoot at anything that moves."

The man could perhaps be homeless because of his clothing which is clearly ragged or he is trapped within a situation that nearly destroyed his clothes. The attacker seems schizophrenic or he could have been forced to do this. The narrator has stated that maybe three or four are dead. Perhaps they are in a small area with about ten to twenty people. His tone of voice suggests that he might not know or consider these people as acquaintances because of how he counts them, not even mentioning their name.

Guilty Stains

"Q: Did you love your husband?

A: Yes. The true question is … did he love me?
Q: What does that mean?
A: We had a small quarrel a few days ago at dinner, around two I think. He cut my hand with a sharp knife. Its blade did not cut deep into me. Then, I ran out to a hotel. I think he sent to look for me. A man started out for me. There, I lost a copy of Café 5 keys. Luckily, I have another.
Brown realized she was not the one."

Obviously, someone has been murdered and "Brown" is the investigator from the conclusion of the interrogation. The husband is probably the victim because of how the subject seems to be about him; the wife being one of the suspects. We cannot confirm who has done this deed only utilizing this piece of dialogue. We cannot confirm if this testament is true or false. If the wife is not lying, then we can infer that the man was probably emotionally or physically abusive...or perhaps he could just have lost his temper.

From this image, I speculate that the photograph takes place in modern day (1999-2015). However, the choosing of the colors being monochromatic could probably represent minimalism and/or depression (this style accentuates the shadows). This is how our brains have perceived limited color. The girl seems bored because of how she props her hand on the windowsill, her mouth barely open and her eyes looking out the window to the countryside. She is obviously on a train, and presumably with adults (considering there's someone holding the camera). The train is traversing through somewhere, perhaps through a place with trees of a height in which an adult's head can touch. Maybe there's evergreen, I'm unsure. It's raining, so perhaps rain occurs often, but we don't know for sure. What season have they chosen to come to this location?

It might seem confusing at first (from where the photographer is standing) where he actually is. He is obviously looking up at a staircase leading to somewhere. The place is probably old because of how worn the layering is. He might be trying to climb up to the top. Perhaps the top is filled with new and modern items, or it could contain antique items. But, perhaps it might be a lighthouse considering how the place seems to be shaped. But then again, I have no clue what a lighthouse even looks like.

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