Physical Properties

jaylen laster


the property of attracting certain metals : the attracting property

to cause (something) to become warm or hot

magnets come in all different sizes they can be big and small some magnets you stick on your refrigerator of things . Magnets are used in many many diffrent ways some magnets are used to hold stuff together so it want fall apart some magnets are even your car to hold metal together


to cause something to become warm or hot

Sometimes when your in your kitchen yo might see your parents boiling eggs in water and you put your hands over it to see if it is boiling and it makes heat and stem molecules are heat com from pot


An insulator is something that doesn't let heat or cold goes in it and doesn't let it out

or it doesn'tt let it travel around anywhere at all


Balance is something that you could balance


buoncy is something that floats or sinks if yu put a rock in water it would sink

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