The Arabian Penuslia

The Arabian Peninsula has many different types of weather and conditions, with that there are different ways. I will tell you some tips to adapt to the environments.

If you are on a coastal plain you will have a better water supply than all of the other environments in the Arabian peninsula. This allows you to have more crops and it's easy to live there.

In the desert, there are veracious ways to live, for instance, the heat is very strong.  so a mud brick house is a good idea because the heat is not as strong, living in one would help a lot. Another thing is, there is very little water so, you should live near an oasis.

Oasis's are one of the main sources of water in the desert. The water comes from below the ground, so you can settle by these Oasis's for crops, fresh water, and live stock.

Last but not least the mountains, these have thin air and its cold so another one of those mud brick houses. The water supply is quite well, the streams start near the top and there is snow.

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