Methods to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

When finding a bed bug in your mattress or anywhere, and even suffering their nasty bites, people start looking for all the possible ways to get rid of them. However, bed bugs removal is not easy at all. They are usually found in between the sheets and in mattresses. Even though it is hard to kill them, it’s quite possible. All you need is time and patience as these little annoying insects are hard to find and catch.

Prevention is the Key
In fact, if you exactly want to know some effective ways for bed bugs removal, the most important thing you need to do is to do everything possible to prevent its occurrence. Always check your mattresses and inspect bed covers. Use a mini vacuum cleaner to clean the places which are difficult to reach. When finished, don’t forget to empty the content of a vacuum cleaner and put it far away from the place you live in. Vacuum carpet areas at least three times a week. Besides, it is highly important to avoid placing the luggage on the furniture or bed after returning from a trip. The best way is to dust the luggage off in the bathroom and only then bring it into the room.

Vacuum all the furniture. Bed bugs always hide in mattresses and carpeting, box springs and other areas, you can take your bed apart and vacuum all its parts, do not forget to use the highest suction setting. Don’t forget to pay more attention to all edges and crannies, where the insects can hide.

Heat your bedding in a dryer at 120 degree temperature. The hottest drying setting will sterilize and eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. If that is maybe not affordable for you, you can heat the bedding in the sun, which is easier and not expensive at all. You can insert the items into plastic garbage bags and then just put them out into the sun.

Repair the wall in your house, because bed bugs can quite easily thrive in cracks and beneath the wallpapers. Use wallpaper glue to tack the paper back down so that there are no loose edges. Many people choose to hire a professional to do that, as do-it-yourself repairs are not always effective. That happens when people want to sell the house and they need to make it more attractive than it was. For this purpose, a professional help will be pretty handy.