Hurricanes form near the equator, it starts out as a tropical depression. They need warm water which is why they only form in the tropical regions. Wind causes water vapor to rise and turn into storm clouds. As the clouds grow it becomes an assortment of several different storms. Once the winds hit 39 miles per hour it becomes a tropical storm. As the storm grows so does the wind, once the wind reaches 74 miles per hour it becomes a hurricane.  Hurricanes are classified in 5 categories depending on their wind speed. They are separated by colors as well. If its in the green it is a category 1, if its yellow or orange its a 2 or 3, and if its in a dark orange or red its a 4 or 5 which is the the most dangerous. Depending on how severe the storm is determines the name of the storm. Hurricanes do not actually get names, when they start out as tropical storms is when they get names and when they form into hurricanes they keep the names that were given. Hurricanes can cause severe flooding, even if its 100 miles from where the storm hits. They also cause lines to go out which leaves people without electricity for up to a couple of days.Severe winds can cause structural damage to homes and businesses. Tornadoes also form from the severe  winds as well. Meteorologist use satellites to track the forming of a tropical storm in the ocean. Doppler radars can detect the heavy rains that come with the storm for up to 200 miles away. This helps detect and classify the storm ahead of time so people can be warned about what is to come.