Making Sense of Social Media

Social media, news aggregators, and app discovery web sites can help us find the latest information and resources to help integrate technology into the curriculum. The issue many of us have is how to organize the overwhelming amount of available resources. Today we will discus some of the resources I use to discover and organize information and discuss other possibilities that may be available.


Even if you don't plan to share your daily routine with followers, twitter can be a great research and professional development tool. Connected educators across the country are sharing subject specific resources, lesson plans, and tips that can help integrate technology into your curriculum.

A basic search of one of these hashtags can give you an idea of what other educators are currently using in their classroom and what is working and not working in similar classes. Examples: (All buttons contain links)

Curation Tools and RSS feeds

Content curation is the act of organizing content from different sources and delivering it in an organized fashion. There are numerous different apps and sites that display your curated content or the content that was shared with you;I will focus on the ones I'm familiar with and link to others later. In my opinion many of these apps do the same thing, but the interface and user experience differs depending on what type of device you are using.

  • Flipboard- (Mobile app)- Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything that is being shared with you. The hashtag searches from above can be "flipped" into a magazine with a more visually appealing design. Flipboard gives you a preview of all links so you don't need open unnecessary stories. You may also "follow" major news sources and user generated magazines. You can't view magazines on the web, but a Chrome extension allows you to save links to Flipboard.
  • Feedly- (web, mobile app)- If you follow multiple blogs an RSS feeder allows you to automatically send links to one central place. Different layout and scrolling options are available so browsing multiple articles for relevant information is easy.

Other options

Where can I find apps or web based resources?

Note: Facebook entered the News Aggregator field this week with a new ios app Paper.

How can we use these sites to share information with co-workers?
Is Google + the answer?

Are you looking for the perfect app or web based resource for your classes? Interesting in sharing cutting-edge technologies with your co-workers? Can't find that amazing article you emailed to yourself 3 weeks ago? Scared of twitter? Join the McGehee Tech Chat Community on Google +!

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