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    How To Get The Best From Your Christmas Centerpiece Placement

No decoration for the holidays is complete without a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece to complete the effects. However just the purchase of a gorgeous piece is not enough, you need to place it appropriately to make the desired impressions. These centerpieces are crucial decorative items that tie up the overall decorations and enhance the festive mood. You can make it a part of general theme that supports the rest of the decoration. Designers use different materials to create the look as the flowers either artificial or real are the most important components.

Use of vases and candles among other items is also quite common and these can be as gorgeous or simple as your heart desires. The commonly used colors are white, gold and red as these easily represent the festive cheer. Christmas table centerpieces come with various winter/Xmas motifs tree globes, snowflakes, and pine cones among others. Other decorative items that designers use include dried fruits, candy canes, pumpkins, and tree decorations. Decorators test various combinations to achieve varied effects. The aim is to transform the interiors of your room and bring in the good cheer and festive atmosphere to the dinner table for the guests to enjoy.

With so many choices, the placement of the centerpiece at the dinner table should be perfect to show off its beauty in the best possible way. Accentuate the loveliness of the centerpiece by decorating the table itself with seasonal decorations and variety of colors ranging from blue to red, gold, or white to suit the theme and décor. The design and the color scheme related to the fork, china, tablespoons and the tablecloth also influence the way your centerpiece appears in the overall scheme of things.

  • Height
  • Size
  • Placement

These are the three most important factors that determine the success of your centerpiece arrangement. Here is how to decorate and get the best results using these items.

  • Try to keep one on all tables where you are serving the guests. This includes entry table, the drink bar, and buffet table among others. Even a small arrangement will have a spectacular effect on the onlookers as it softens out the blank areas and pulls the room together.
  • Top of the centerpiece should remain below the eye level when you set it directly upon the table. With tall centerpieces, you can raise its base above the eye level, as this will allow people to interact with each other without constantly craning the necks.
  • Low profiles small arrangement works beautifully simply because they do not interfere with mingling guests whether they are sitting down or standing up. Also they help in drawing attention to the lovely table settings.
  • Use short votives or tall candlesticks and never flickering candles at eye level as these are sure to cause a hazardous situation that you would surely like to avoid at such a festive time.

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