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ACC / The University of Texas at Austin

Austin Community College

  • Average general fee is 13$ per credit hour.
  • The Pinnacle campus for ACC is small and all classes are located in one high-rise building.
  • This year, 45,100 students have attended the ACC district.
  • ACC has over 250 degree plans available for students.
  • ACC was founded in the fall of 1973.
  • ACC is known to have student organized study groups.
  • ACC does not have fraternity or sorority groups or organizations.
  • ACC, along with UT, are the two largest (out of seven) institutions of higher education in the region.
  • Each ACC commencement includes special medals for graduating veterans as an appreciation for their service.
  • During graduation, the students wear a special colored tassel for their area of study.

The University of Texas at Austin

  • Tuition for UT is around 5,000$ per semester for a residential student.
  • There are around 50,000 students attending UT this year.
  • Automatically accepts the top 10% of a graduating high school class.
  • Average ACT score of students accepted was a 28 and the average SAT score was a score of 1859.
  • Campus is said to feel busy but also laid back and friendly.
  • UT has been ranked in the top 25 globally in recent years.
  • Most students at UT are friendly and helpful so its easy to form study groups for challenging classes.
  • "There is am immense amount of social groups at UT. Every day I see booths lining Speedway headed by some new student organization trying to recruit members. Even the sports clubs are east to drop into on meeting days." -Alex Ramirez
  • There is a traditional "Hex Rally" that are held before every big rivalry game that are filled with lit candles and fight songs sung to "curse" the other team into losing.
  • The school song is always sung at the end of every home game and event at the school.

The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles

  • Takes two years to earn an associates degree for pastry and baking.
  • About 1,500$  per course which around a quarter of a year long so about 6,000$ per year.
  • High school diploma required. SAT and ACT scores pretty much ignored.
  • Apartmetn complexes on campus are rented through the school and you get assigned two roommates per apartment.
  • Provide culinary arts programs along with culinary management programs and classes.
  • So many different creative minds all around campus who influence each others work and creative expression.
  • The campus has a special restaurant named Bistro 23 which is fully operated by the culinary students and open to all students to dine in.
  • "It was so easy to get into. So easy that my mom saw a commercial on tv and said to me 'hey you could do that'. I was enrolled in a week."
  • During the culinary program you make bread everyday to reach the level of consistency and perfection for something fairly basic to reach you that practice makes perfect.

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