Islamic Terriorist War in Yemen

"Islamist Militants Storm Yemeni Army Base." 3 Apr. 2015. Web. 30 Apr. 2015

Islamic terrorists like Al-Qaeda and ISIS are invading Yemen because of their desire to expand the Islamic believe and they select Yemen since the leaders of Yemen allow all religions to practice and live in the country. Also Yemen has been going through a touch civil war and extemeists have taken advantage of weaker and unstable areas. Yemen has taken a stance on jailing these terrorists who have try and succeed on running suicide bombing into religious practices killing over one hundred people. Al-Qaeda and ISIS feel as if they are in control of Yemen but the leaders firmly disagree. At the beginning of this conflict Al-Qaeda gave a list of Christian citizens that they would kill if they did not leave the country, the leaders of Yemen have kept these citizens to stay in certain hotels and have been firm with not negotiating with terrorists and not giving in. This article explains how Al-Qaeda has taken over a military base to free one of their leaders and causing havoc along the way while letting the buildings. This article also shows how many countries are now pulling their own people out like China, Pakistan, and even Ireland. These countries do not want to risk their citizens life's and are very concerned with how a war between Yemen and extremeists will start.

1) Who are the main opponents?

Al-Qaeda and ISIS are are main extremists against the Yemeni government.

2) Any other countries involved or concerned?China, Ireland, Pakistan, and most importantly Yemen are the countries involved.3) How is this conflict being conducted (i.e., what tactics: terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, drones… etc.)?Suicide bombers, Terriorist attacks on government and religious buildings, and raids are how this conflict has been played out so far.4) What was the cause of the conflict (as far as you can tell)?The main cause for this conflict is religious tension between an extremist group that wants everyone to abide by their orders and rules and the government. The government has not agreed nor have they negotiated with these extremeists which has agitated them greatly.5) What efforts are being taken to solve the problem non-violently? Include your evaluation of the effectiveness of these peacemaking efforts or suggestion for what would be more effective.There has been very little to be done about nonviolent solutions. Unfortunetly negotiating with these extremeists is very difficult and dangerous. An alternative is to temporarily send the people they want away with money if they will leave. This would free any tension between them and as long as the extremeists are out the country would be a lot more peaceful. Finding a solution for this issue is extremely difficult because of all of the hostility involved and the lack of trust involved.

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