Health at a Glance

Growing up we were all taught about the food pyramid and how it applies to our life. Recently America redid it's pyramid and made it into a vertical slice view instead of the stacked blocks as it was before. I wasn't aware that every country followed it's own information diagram, but then again I had never really given it much thought. had never given it much thought. I think Germany has a good concept by making their diagram a multidimensional pyramid, but overall I think it is a bit too complicated for some people to understand - especially children. Each side has it's own food group while the base shows how much to consume. I think the concept is too complicated for young people and not being able to see all the sides at one time makes it difficult to print and distribute.

On the other hand, I think that America's pyramid with stairs going up the side is the  most viewer friendly. The different size slices make it easy to see how much of each we should eat, and the stairs going up the side represent physical activity. Aside from the US, I think the Swiss display their health pyramid in a more user friendly manner. They have water at the bottom (which makes sense, because we literally can't live without it), and have sweets at the top. They don't completely say no sweets, but rather to be consumed carefully but "with pleasure". By not knocking sweets out completely it is more realistic. They also have diagrams and places of exercise throughout the pyramids. The french style of having stair steps going from the smallest serving up to the biggest is also easy to follow and is very user friendly. I think the idea of having "small" serving sizes represented by the magnifier get the point across about not consuming too much sugar and fats.