Mall with Mare

  Sorry about not uploading last night. It was a long night...but that part will come later. Lets start off with yesterday morning.

   Sleeping over at the Haneys is fun until its 7:00am and there are 4 little kids jumping on you trying to get you to wake up. So we finally get up we go upstairs to get some breakfast, and of course we have toaster waffles. After we eat, we just hang out around the house unit about 2:30pm when my mom calls and tells us she can bring us to the mall! We (Mary, Marys little sister, and i) get our stuff together and wait for my mom, my little sister, and my older sister to come pick us up.

    When we arrive at the mall, we head straight for the food court. We get noodles and orange chicken. When we finally finish eating we start shopping. Mary and I head to Forever 21, H&M, Starbucks(of course), Hot topic, Icing, and a few other stores. We ran into a few friends but for the most part it was your normal shopping day. Except for the part, being as cluelss as i am, i tried to walk up the down elevator not realizing it and tripping back down. oops

     After the mall we headed over to target to get make-up and such. after spending way too much we ran over to the Haneys. We talked with mary and her 3 sisters and her mom, telling stories and a lot of laughing. When it was time to leave Mary and her sister grabbed their bags and headed back to our house. We watched grease and the starving games and Mary, her sister, and i sat up watching youtube in my bed all night. So thats why i didn't blog. Ill blog my day tonight. see you later! Belle


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