Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Las Vegas Grandest Hotels!

The best hotels in Las Vegas are: the Bellagio, Wynn, and Plane Hollywood Hotel. Las Vegas is a city of creativity and fun. The Bellagio is a really big and beautiful hotel. At night, when the lights are turned on,  the dancing waters begin and entertain people. Then, the Wynn is another of Vegas' grandest hotels. It is very elegant and exquisite. Planet Hollywood, is on of the only hotels where famous artists go and stay. Its swimming pool is relaxing and refreshing. It is very big, and has lots of entertainment for adults and kids. Lastly, the Caesars Palace. This hotel has old relics and statues of the Caesar king and many other important Greek figures. It is so big you might get lost. It is full of stores and restaurants. It has a large buffet for the residents or visitors to eat from. You should stay there!

Las Vegas has a very torrid climate. If you travel to Las Vegas, you have to use shorts and T-shirt, and even with that on, you might melt. In the month of July, the weather is the warmest with a temperature of 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperature is in winter, in January and December.  The temperature in January and December is 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes temperatures are higher, or lower than the average. Inside the buildings, the air conditioner is very cold. When you get out of the building, the sun is scorching hot.

Las Vegas has many tourist attractions for adults and kids.The most popular attraction are the hotels. People go visit and shop at the wonderful hotels. Mostly, adults go play in the casinos. Then, there is a High Roller. This is my favorite attraction in Las Vegas, it is like a Ferris Wheel and you can see all the city when you are at the top of the wheel. It is better to go at night because you can see all the wonderful lights illuminating the city. There is another attraction that is called Circus Circus. It has roller coasters and many fun games for kids and adults. In Las Vegas, there are many copies of monumental symbols. You can go visit the "Statue Of Liberty" and go to its roller coaster. You can also go to the "Eiffel Tower" and eat a delicious meal at its restaurant. Las Vegas has many attractions you should go and have fun in. 

Circus Circus:

High Roller:

Eiffel Tower:

Las Vegas best restaurants are: Hakassan, in the MGM hotel and Bartolotta in the Wynn hotel. The largest buffet is the one at the Rio hotel. Hakassan has two parts, the restaurant, and the nightclub. DJ's go and show off their music for the people at the night club. The restaurant all types of food. My favorite plate are the barbecue ribs. They are exquisite! Next, Bartolotta. Bartolotta is very elegant and classical. It is an Italian restaurant and serve you the best pastas in the world. Lastly, the Rio buffet. It is the largest buffet in all of Las Vegas. At first you pay, but then you can serve as many plates of anything you want. The buffet includes all types of food from all parts of the world. Then, it has a dessert buffet that has pies, ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, and much more. If you go eat there, you have to eat until your stomach explodes!



Rio hotel buffet:

This newspaper is the most reliable source in Las Vegas. Everyday there are important news and lots of people read it. This newspaper is very popular in Las Vegas. It provides both national and international news. If you travel to Las Vegas and want to be up-to-date, you should buy this newspaper like every other citizen in Las Vegas. You can also enter to its website and see all its news, even if you are in another country.

Las Vegas is called the city of lights. Many tourists go there and have their best vacations of their lifetime! They go to the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Even though there is no beach, the climate is scorching hot and tourists have fun. If you want to have great vacations, I recommend yo travel to Las Vegas.

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