The Pardoner
By, The Dream Team

The pardoner was a part of the Church that sold forgiveness in the form of pardons. He traveled the countryside with a wallet full of pardons from the Church in Rome selling them to sorry souls who were foolish enough to buy forgiveness.

Indirect Characterization

1. "Straight from the court of Rome had journeyed he." (pg 21 line 3)

2. "It seemed to him he went in latest style." (pg 22 line 19)

3. "Then he might preach, and all with polished tongues,/ to win some silver, as he right well could;/ therefore he sang so merrily and so loud." (pg 22 line 44-46)

Direct Characterization

1. "The pardoner had hair as yellow as wax," (pg 21 line 7)

2. "No beard had he, nor ever should he have," (pg 22 line 21)

3. " In that one day more money stood to gain/ Than the poor dupe in two months could attain." (pg 22 line 35-36)


1. Corrupt

2. Esteemed

3. Wealthy

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