The Secrets to Passing Pre-Algebra

All you need to know to pass pre-algebra is to pay attention in class. Not every thing you do is hard, just listen and take the notes you are supposed take. don't just assume that the class is hard and for smart people. Anybody can get in if they just keep their grades up and an "A" all year.

Fun ways to Remember your math facts

My math teacher made up raps to remember our math facts. The one i remember most is

"To add and subtract fractions is a tricky game

because the denominators have to be the same.

Multiplying fractions, that's no problem

It's the top times the top, and the bottom times the bottom.

Dividing fractions, don't ask me why

Just flip (does a hand stand) the second one and multiply."

That the song that saved me from failing a test. I really like the song my teacher, Mrs. Miller has made so many songs and raps that help people remember things.

there is a website called that has some really fun and easy ways to practice your math.

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