Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an architect. He makes the best golf courses and hotels. He lives the American dream and I am going to tell you how he does it.

Donald Trumps Life

When Donald first started his business he needed money, so he tried to persuade people to give him some money. A few months later he was able to persuade a bank to give him some money for the hotel. When he finished the hotel people loved it. Soon enough the hotel became famous.

Donald's Company

Donald was successful for a long time, but he was bankrupted by Manhattan's depression. Luckily the bank was nice enough to loan him some money to get back to business. Soon enough he became the number one company again.

The Trump Kids

Donald has three kids that work for Trump. yet it's hard to say who will be the next owner of the Trumps company. They all have their weak points but, they help each other to solve it.

Hope you enjoyed.