#Richkid ng Taguig

Carl Dale A. Perez is the name. 18 years of age. Studying at De La Salle- CSB.

As far as I remember, I was only 13 turning 14  that time when I personally met this boy. Like other girls, I used to have a crush that makes me "kilig" and make bugbog my katabi. In that time (3 years ago) I actually called this feeling a "puppy love" because we're still young. Because of that unique feeling, I thought everything is okay and still falling under control. But as time goes by, step by step, little by little I didn't meant that I'm starting to fall. No communications, no heed nor a little smile but the motives and the unsaid feeling were hiding in the glimpse of our eyes. I never thought that this sh*t will go deeper and deeper. Many came, many tried to open my heart but no one replace that special someone. Now, we both see each other in church but like an our old system, we don't use to talk. It's fine, i'm used to it. But still, I'm waiting and still hoping that he will be a man of his words.

Hi  baby! I wish you can read this (hopefully) I miss you. Weird? Yes. I'm sorry if I can't tell you personally this things because I don't know how to start. 1 more year and I'm turning 18, I wish you come back that time. And when that thing happened, I can totally say that, "Baby, waiting for you in 5 years is optimal" But for now, just always remember how much I love you and how much I care for you. Study hard! (Mahal ang tuition sa DLSU-CSB) By this time, I fastened God for everything. I know God is the only who can help me. Thanks God!