Fantastic Franklin Chang-Diaz

by Taylah Tran

Franklin Chang -Diaz born in San Jose' Costa Rica April 5th 1950. He wasn't the only, child he had five siblings. In 1968 he became a American citizen and started high school in the same year. In 1973 he became a member of TRIO Student Support Services which helps college students to understand and participate in college and achieve the goal of graduation.

Franklin achieved a lot in life.In 1986 his did his 1st space mission to aboard Galileo. He was the first Hispanic astronaut. He was a NASA astronaut, he held the record for completing seven space mission with Jerry Lynn Ross. Chang-Diaz  was inducted in to the NASA Astronaut Hall of Fame on May the 5th of 2012 and he was made an honoury citizen by the National Legislature.

Franklin has affected many people's lives today. He has helped university students to believe in what ever they want. He has made a film with students to protect our environment and cared for the world the film is called Odyssey 2050 the Movie. Franklin encourage people to  help our environment and the world to become a better place.

Franklin Ramón Chang-Diaz was a caring person who made a difference to our world. He helped society and students to believe in what ever they want because he did.