By: McAuley Millen

Iraq has a growing population and it needs more water.


Turkey has a very large population compared to Syria and Iraq. Iraq's population is bigger than Syria.

The population of Iraq will get larger as time goes on.

As the population in Iraq grows Iraq will need more water.

Other populations are growing as well and they will also need more water. There is not enough water in the Tigris and Euphrates to supply all of the needs of the countries.

Water Availability and Use

There is more renewable water than water withdrawal in Iraq, this is good because it means there is more water than is being used.

There is more external water than internal water.

Iraq is using too much of their own water so they have to get more from outside of Iraq.

Water Needs

Iraq needs water for farming, safe drinking water, and sanitation.

Agriculture takes a lot of water and Iraq dosen't have enough.

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