Music of The Outsiders

by: Dean K, Cameron L, and Juliette D

Count On Me

We chose "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars to go with the theme of friendship.  It goes along friendship because it is about always being able to count on your friends.  

The Lonely

We chose "The Lonely" by Christina Perri for a song that would pertain to Johnny because Johnny is always lonely because his family doesn't want him.  Another reason is because the opening line is "2 A.M., where do I begin?" and this is like Johnny awake at 2 in the morning in the park instead of at his house.

Hall of Fame

We chose "Hall of Fame" by The Script featuring as the song for Darry.  We thought that it describes him because he can't give up on love or else he and his brothers could be separated or they could run out of money or food.

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