Making Assumptions...

1) A large meat production/packaging company truck pulls up to a restaurant. Why is it there?

     a) To fix the electrical wiring.

     b) To pick up a stranded customer.

     c) To deliver food.

     d) To visit the owner for her birthday.

2) A man is holding a blank piece of paper and pen while looking at a college bulletin board. What is he going to do?

     a) Draw a picture.

     b) Make a paper airplane using the front of the pen as the nose of the plane.

     c) Copy down important information from the bulletin board onto the paper.

     d) Crumble up the paper and throw it on the ground.

3) Your cousins just arrived from Detroit, Michigan and they traveled by car. Their hair is messed up. What's the most logical explanation for this?

     a) They used broken combs.

     b) They had just taken naps on pillows with rough fabric.

     c) They had driven through a low gravity section of the desert.

     d) They had rolled the windows down on the freeway for a while.

4) A theatre employee walks into a theatre after a movie has already started and stands to the side near the audience. Why do you think this is?

     a) An audience member is being loud.

     b) There's a raccoon messing with the projector.

     c) They are going to yell during a certain part of the movie.

     d) They want to thank every audience member for coming to the show while the movie is       still in session.

5) You see a man holding a drum machine while sitting on a bench at the mall. Why?

    a) He loves it like a person and brings it everywhere with him.

    b) He's going to meet someone that's interested in buying it.

    c) He going to trade it for $300 worth of M&M's at Target.

    d) He found it in the trash.

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