L&C Camp Read
May 12-16

Teachers, please read through the following information about this exciting upcoming week at Lewis and Clark!  

Our Purpose

The ELA team has come up with this week with the intention to motivate students to read, and to spark a renewed interest in books in a fun, school-wide effort right before the summer months.

What You Need to Know/Do

*During this week, students and staff are encouraged to wear "camp" attire!  (bandanas, shorts, hiking boots, comfy clothes, old camp t-shirts, etc.)

*Every day at 3:15, we will make an announcement for Camp Read time, where everyone will drop everything, kick back, and READ!  Feel free to read aloud to your class, or enjoy a good book individually with them.  Do this as it is convenient for your schedule.

*"Catch a Good Book!" slips will be placed in your mailbox.  Please make these available for your students.  Completed slips can be turned in to the box in the front office at any time. We will randomly draw a slip to be read on the announcements each day when we have our Camp Read time.  

*If you have a tent, flashlights, rocking chairs, or other "camp" things, please bring them in!  Rocking chairs will line the hallways and common areas.  Please utilize these for fun read aloud spaces throughout the week, especially during our daily reading time!

*Sign up for a guest reader to come read to your classroom by clicking HERE!

*We suggest that you arrange a time with your buddy class to make s'mores (optional, but delicious!) and enjoy some good books with flashlights!

*Angela will be kicking off summer reading this week as well.

Thanks for helping to make this a fun week full of relaxing, fun, READING!